Bringing Steampunk to Your Modern Wardrobe

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There’s no question that steampunk is a pretty distinctive genre, and its fashions and aesthetics are nothing less than standout. The mainstream fashion industry offers plenty of options of trends to follow (or to not follow) for self-expression, and even the most dedicated steampunk fans can, understandably, not want to wear full-length Victorian-esque gowns, tailored suits and top hats, or heavy mechanical goggles every single day. Here are some fun ideas for you to incorporate some steampunk aesthetics into a more modern wardrobe.


Fanart T-Shirts

There is plenty of steampunk fan merch you can purchase, and blending it into your everyday wardrobe only takes a little bit of practice. Luckily, graphic tees – especially t-shirts sporting band logos that the wearers probably don’t actually listen to – are pretty popular right now, and come in a variety of styles from classic oversized t-shirts to tank tops to crop tops. Picking up a t-shirt with a gear or some other Victorian imagery on it will be no problem to incorporate into your own style, especially if it’s a mostly neutral base color, like black.



Probably the easiest accessory to add to any outfit, steampunk-themed jewelry can give a subtle nod to the genre without screaming “I’m a huge geek!” (Unless, of course, you’re into that. Go you!) Gear-themed bracelets and necklaces are pretty easy to DIY, and widely available via Internet vendors. Vintage or antique lockets are another option, and are not commercially not hard to find either. These types of jewelry are often neutral colors, so won’t they stick out too much, but you can always pair a rugged-looking string of gears with studded combat boots for a mix of trendy and alternative.


A gearwork butterfly pendant.


Wristwatches are tied pretty closely to jewelry and similar accessories, but have a bit of a more obviously old-fashioned vibe to them. Nowadays most people just use their smartphones to check the time, or, if they’re especially active and don’t want to be holding their phone in their hand, chances are they’re wearing some Fitbit-esque device or at least a waterproof digital watch instead of the old-timey glass, leather, and metal wristwatches popularized in the 19th century. A vintage-looking watch can be the perfect accessory to your outfit – and if you’re feeling bold, you could try carrying a pocket watch around.


A classic steampunk wristwatch.


Special Occasions


It might be easier to embrace steampunk formal wear if you adhere to typical male fashions, since the classic men’s suit hasn’t noticed changed all that much throughout history, unlike women’s dresses. A fashionable Victorian-inspired tailcoat, vest, or even a pair of suspenders, even if styled with more contemporary or trendy formalwear, can be a fun way to experiment with steampunk-like aesthetics.

No matter what you’re wearing, we want to remind you that the most important thing is staying true to yourself and being confident. Whether you’re a diehard steampunk or a typical millennial hipster, all that matters is that you’re enjoying yourself. Have fun with it, and be sure to share any other ideas you have!