How to Integrate a Washing Machine and a Heat Pump Dryer into Your Bathroom

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A washing machine and heat pump tumble dryer are a must have in any modern home. Not only for the sake of having a functional home but also a saving you lots of effort and time in cleaning and drying your clothes. However, before you can enjoy having both of these appliances, you have to know how to get them both working in your bathroom.

The heat pump Dryer

Heat Pump Dryer

First, you need to ensure that you have ample space to have both of the appliances. It needs to be large enough to fit both of them with enough spacing. Also, make sure that the floor upon which you will placing the machines is stable and strong.

Before you start on the installation, you need to make sure that the dryer vent is clear of any debris. If it has a blockage, it could easily spark a fire.

To make sure nothing is stuck in there, insert a brush and spin it around from the inside and outside of the house. You will also want to make sure that you clean the vents at least once every two years.

Move your dryer into place and leave a couple feet to allow you work behind it as you hook up the vent hose. It is better to use a metal hose because it is less likely to catch lint.

Attach the vent hose to the heat pump dryer and use clamps to make sure that it is tightly in place. Then attach the other end to the wall vent and clamp that into position as well.

You can then plug it in and move it into its final position and see if it is going to work. If it does, you move on to the next appliance.

Hooking up the Washer

You will also need to do some cleaning in this case as well but on the faucets this time. Place a bucket under the hot and cold water outlets that you will hook up to the washer and run some water through them. If they work, turn them off completely.

Move the washer into place and leave enough space to navigate all-round the machine. Hook up each of the hoses to their respective faucets and double check to make sure. Also make sure to check if the filter screen is in place if not, place it and turn the coupling clockwise.

Attach the hot and cold water inlets on the back of the washing machine and remember to use the rubber washer to prevent any drips.

Turn on the water and check if there are any leaks. If any check the couplings to make sure that they are tight.

Next, connect the drain hose to the washing machine. This should be attached in almost the same manner as the water hoses. In some washer, the drain hose might already be attached so you don’t need to worry about that.

Run the drain hose to where your drain receptacle is placed. This depends on your plumbing so you might need to consider that when choosing the place to have the washer.

Plug in the washing machine and push it to its final position. After you have checked that it works, you need to make sure that both of the machines are level. If not, you can adjust the feet at the bottom.

For the heat pump dryers, it is possible to attach its hoses to those of the washer for your preferred dry. Additionally these types of dryers save a lot of energy and are very gently on your clothes.