Custom Furniture Myths Busted!

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Let me start by getting my secret out there about custom-made furniture. I am one of those guys that will get a chair from the mid-century and fuse it with an ultra-modern design. That is how out of control I can get. The good thing is after finding a great furniture manufacturer, I quickly started realizing that some of the things that had made me develop a phobia for custom furniture were actually no more than a myth. Given the fact that everyone likes unique looking furniture, I thought could share some of the myths I have busted along the way with you and with any luck you could have your own custom furniture fitted and experience the benefits that come with this or with the help of certain platform, you can also buy custom made furniture.

Custom Furniture is expensive

Yes, this is one of those myths that you would even try to justify. It takes a lot of resources and since it is a relatively unique design, there is a lot of waste that will be involved. It is a fact that a lot of people will always be blinded by the cost versus the quality of the custom furniture. It is also a fact that while custom furniture might cost more, it is not always the case and in some instances, the factors that drive up the cost have nothing to do with the furniture. These include taxation and even shipping with some easily costing more than the furniture itself costs.

It takes a lot of time to build  digital fabrication 23

This is only true if you decide to take your one of kind custom design to a newbie carpenter or furniture manufacturer. Thanks to the internet and technology, good and capable manufacturers can quickly get the blue prints of the designs and even the measurement. Additionally, the presence of custom machines will definitely speed up the process while still upholding the quality and finish of the piece. As much as the initial design might take some time to put together the actual building time in some instances might even be shorter compared to some of the conventional furniture.

Custom furniture is harder to sell
Shopping for FurnitureHonestly put, no one really wants to buy something that the next person has. Even the public sector is buying custom furniture in the current age.  That is why variation in any product even with cars is critical. People will openly say they love unique things and a while back when I was moving to a new house, I realized how much in-demand custom furniture is. My garage sale was flying off shelf and even the few I posted online did not take more than month get sold out. The queer looking, normal shaped tables that I had found there were left there with even fewer views. If anything, you might find it easier to sell customized furniture because they have a wide market that is lacking supply.

Custom furniture is hard to maintainAvoid-Redecoration-Costs-by-Maintaining-Your-Furniture-in-Good-Shape

As much as it is called custom furniture, it does not require custom materials. Most of the custom furniture differ in terms of design. However, the materials that are used are largely the same and hence the issue of it being complicated to maintain custom furniture should not be much of a problem.

There are a lot of reasons why most people prefer to have custom furniture. They utilize the space you have in the best way possible, they give you an identity and a sense of satisfaction. However, these common myths are usually a great deterrent but now you know better right?