4 Furniture Pieces to Style Your Small Living Room

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Whether it is your first apartment or you opted to downsize, living in a small apartment doesn’t have to feel like you are living in a shack. By choosing the right furniture to keep in the apartment, it can feel luxurious and stylish. Since most of your guests will first see and spend the most time in the living area, here are our suggestions for beautiful furniture to show off your sense of style.


When looking for seating, choosing a standard loveseat is a great option. It conserves space but still allows room for guests to sit without feeling cramped. Choose a loveseat with clean lines and a lightweight design, such as the Barcelona Loveseat. An incredible example of mid-century design, the Barcelona Loveseat is representative of high style without feeling bulky. Choose to purchase this in a neutral color, such as brown or white, to help keep the room feeling airy.


Another seating option is to add a small armchair to the room. Again, choose one that is stylish but does not add weight to the room. One option is the Dora Beige Linen Chair that has a touch of mid-century design but doesn’t obviously feel tied to any particular time period. The soft frame and neutral color make it feel cozy while the minimal design mimics the expensive wingback chairs of country clubs.


An additional piece of furniture for your living is the coffee table. This will be the place that not only holds your remote and phone but the main place to set down drinks and (depending on how lax you are on rules) rest your feet. Since the room is small, stick with furniture that appears light and has a sculptural element. We suggest checking out the Waterfall Coffee Table for a minimalist look. Made of a single sheet of curved glass, this table appears luxurious without weighing down the room. Remember to keep the accessories here minimal to discourage clutter.


Another classic option is to go with the LC10 Square Coffee Table. Designed by architect Le Corbusier at the height of the modernist era, this coffee table shows of the elegance and minimal features characteristic of modernist designers. The low height, glass top, and chrome legs will add a sophisticated touch to your living room.


Finally, consider getting rid of your old TV stand and instead mount a flatscreen TV to the wall. This will conserve valuable floor space while still including a major source of entertainment in your home.

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