2015 Color Report

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2015 Color Trends:

How to Make Your Home on Trend


This year is all about blending traditional materials, shapes, prints and decorating ideas.

Versatility is key: in an increasingly crowded world no one can afford to waste space so multi-functionality of objects if becoming more and more important. One of the most obvious examples of this are functional objects recreated as art, Christopher Boots does some amazing light installations that can make any room a masterpiece as well as saving space.


Natural materials are particularly popular this year as people move away from synthetic materials whose production or disposal can cause damage to the environment. The other benefit of natural fibers and materials is a reduction in harmful chemicals around the home, and therefore a safer, healthier and ultimately longer life. Designers are using these materials to highlight contrasting textures, while still creating a natural and earthy feel, which promotes a restful home environment.


Eco-friendly has become the new norm, with a particular focus on materials such as wood, metal, glass and leather. Interior designers are blending these traditional materials into modern designs, mixing different textures and patterns with bold colors.


Key colors this season are Greek blue and sour green with blue, but blues and greens in general are a great choice for 2015, particularly the richer varieties reminiscent of lagoons, Greece and Delft Blue. On the other end of the spectrum are the lighter pastel colors which are another very popular choice for decorators this year. Neutral colors are also very popular, in particular soft grays as well as whites and black.


Decorators are using a lot of clashing patterns in complementary colors to create interest, which gives a room energy and promotes creativity while still invoking the serenity which is one of this year’s key themes.


Regardless of the colors or materials you choose, home decorating this year is all about personality, serenity and versatility.